About Swimart

About Swimart

A story based on silicone and latex!

To discover the origins of Swimart, you have to take the Haute-Loire road and take a step back in time until 1989. At that time, Valatex established itself as a specialist in the manufacture of silicone and latex products by dipping and moulding, particularly swimming caps. After 12 years of activity, a branch of Valatex was separated from Valatex to devote itself to swimming caps and become a real supplier of swimming equipment: this is the birth of Swimart!

Your swimming equipment supplier

Since 2001, Swimart has been a reference in France as a supplier of swimming equipment. Thanks to the know-how inherited from Valatex, Swimart makes its expertise in silicone and latex swimming caps available to swimming clubs, specialized stores and swimming equipment suppliers.

But we don't stop there! Swimart aims to be a supplier of "one stop to shop" swimming equipment. For this purpose, we offer, in addition to the caps, all the swimming equipment necessary

to feel like a fish in the water:

  • Swimsuits for swimming
  • Swimming goggles
  • Thalasso swimcaps
  • Swimming accessories

This is what makes Swimart a supplier of swimming equipment that is particularly appreciated by its customers all over France.

Short lead times and best prices

With Swimart, you don't have to wait weeks to receive your order! As a supplier of swimming equipment, we ensure a high degree of

responsiveness to our customers' requests thanks to our large stock located in France. In order to provide you with your personalized swimming equipment, our screen printing workshop is located in France.

Shorter distances mean faster delivery! You will receive your orders for personalized swimming caps within ┬▒4 weeks.

Short deadlines do not always mean high prices, quite the opposite! At Swimart, we are committed to providing swimmers with the best conditions to practice their sport.